The Green Book

c3mdbinwaaabrjh-jpg-largeToday at the Centre for Sound Communities we were treated to a play written by Juanita Peters called “The Green Book”. The play centres around an African American couple from Nova Scotia as they travel through the segregated United States of America so that the male character Carl could visit his sister in Los Angeles.

The Negro Motorist Green book (or more commonly called simply The Green Book”, was an annual guide for African American travellers which documented the stores, shops and gas stations etc. where it was known to be safe for them to visit. The book was published annually by Victor Green during a time when racism was widespread throughout the United States and also much of the world.

It’s terrible to think how there used to be a time when African Americans had to go through all of this nonsense and this play shed a bit of light on what it would have been like back in the day. I myself will never understand how someone could or can be hateful toward another person simply based off their skin colour. But, I know that racism is still alive today and it makes me ashamed.

I can only hope that one day racism will be a thing of a past even though it never should have been an issue at all in the first place,


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