Meeting Shaun Majumder

At the beginning of this week there was an intern networking conference held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Tuesday, January 31st 2017. The interns traveled from Cape Breton University  to Halifax the day before on Monday because it takes over 4 hours to make the trip from Sydney to Halifax.

The conference was to be held from 8:30 AM to roughly 2:30 PM. So because the interns were to spend the night at the Lord Nelson hotel, they decided to go and have supper at Your Father’s Mustache on Quinpool Road Monday evening.

After having a great meal at the restaurant, the interns returned to the hotel and just so happened to run in to Shaun Majumder from This Hour Has 22 Minutes.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. nicolewb says:

    What are the chances he was staying at the same hotel?


  2. gawdziller says:

    The face makes me feel awkward to continue to read. -10/10 can’t read this not exciting enough, needs more pizaz, git good scrub!


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