Touring Two Churches in Whitney Pier

Today the interns went on two separate tours of two churches in Whitney Pier. The first was St. Mary’s Polish church which burned a few years ago but was re-built. The second church that the interns had a tour of was Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church. This was more of an in depth tour with the parish priest Rev. Roman Dusanowskyj showing them around the property.


Pictured above: miniature statue at St. Mary’s Polish church in Whitney Pier


Pictured above: items from 1913 time capsule within St. Mary


Pictured above: stained glass at the newly re-built St. Mary’s Polish church in Whitney Pier.
Father Dusanowskyj mentioned that Holy Ghost was the only Ukrainian Catholic church east of Montreal. How neat is that! Both buildings were gorgeous sights to see and the Polish church was a beautiful remodelling of a building that was lost in a fire.img_0042

Pictured above: The ceiling of Holy Ghost church


Pictured above: stained glass in the Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic church hall.


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