Filming Lassana Diabate and his balafon

Since last Tuesday the 21st of February 2017, the Centre for Sound Communities had the pleasure of hosting Lassana Diabaté. He is a french speaking griot from Mali, Africa who is well known for playing the balafon. The balafon is a kind of wooden xylophone which plays beautiful melodic music and is well known throughout the African continent.


Here are Marcia Ostashewki’s son Ilya (pictured left) and Lassana to his right playing the balafon together at Paradise Found Bed & Breakfast on Milton Street in Sydney Nova Scotia on Sunday, the 26th of February.

(Pictured above) The cards promoting the Global Musics Local Connections film festival at the McConnel Library in Sydney. These were present throughout the area where Lassana and Ilya were performing.

After performing for a small crowd at the bed & breakfast, Lassana also had another small performance at the Centre scolaire Etoile de l’Acadie also in Sydney.


After the performances both at the bed & breakfast and Étoile de l’Acadie, Lassana fielded questions in French from the audience members in attendance at both events. Questions ranged from the balafon and how it worked, how they are made (Lassana makes the balafons that he plays by himself out of rosewood and calebasses) and when he began playing it etc.


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