It Has Been A Blast

Well, it looks like my time working at the Centre for Sound Communities for Dr. Marcia Ostashewski is coming to an end.

This internship has probably been the most interesting and enjoyable thing I’ve ever done as far as working goes. See, this internship never really felt like work, because it was such an enjoyable experience. I actually enjoyed coming over to CBU and the Centre ever day while this internship was going on.

Every one of my fellow interns are all great people, from different walks of life.

Adam – sarcasm at it’s finest and always good for a laugh.

Rowan – one of the smartest young people I’ve ever come across.

Paul – a really driven individual who puts so much time in to his projects to see that they are finished. Also a fellow lover of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Lyndon – lover of anime and video games that I myself grew up playing.

Sarah – mom to young boys all going through that rough patch of almost being teenagers and a little girl named Aila. God love Sarah and that little girl haha she’ll be a tough one.

Laura – friggin’¬†immigrant from Sherwood Park, Alberta XD.

Nicole – proud of her Polish heritage and event planner extraordinaire.


These guys and gals made work fun. We’ve only spent a couple months together but it’s felt like we’ve known each other for years.

Big thank you to Marcia for giving me this opportunity to learn and experience new things. I would also like to thank our coordinators Amy MacDonald and Matt Delaney for doing their job so well and thus making our (the interns) jobs go smoothly as well.

It really was a blast, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Au revoir, mes amis!


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